What we offer?


Your events are important to you. We have a team of seasoned experts with backgrounds from International Associations, Professional Conference Organizers, Hotels, Corporate Incentive Managers, etc. who can share their years of experience. They have learned best practices from situations they have managed and others they have fixed.


We can help you optimize your results:

  • Selecting your next destination, managing the process.

  • Auditing your events (incentives, meetings and conferences)

  • Building the road-map to delivering your events with the results your need

  • Assisting with resource management (staff, contractors, etc.)

  • How to manage your risks (hotel attrition, disasters, people, etc.)

Your organization needs some TCL? Let our team of experts help you with:

  • Organizational audit including SWAT analysis and strategic and tactical planning

  • Finding the right staff structure and people then providing the training and coaching to achieve the results you need

  • Implementing new technological solutions to increase your membership, manage your events, etc. This includes membership management applications, events applications, project management, etc.

  • Governance and decision-making

You are looking to learn, we have opportunities for you to attend workshops about events beyond borders, learn from colleagues in small groups and benefit from industry trade shows/conferences.  

  • Hosted buyer programs at IMEX (America and Frankfurt), IBTM, etc.

  • Educational lunch and learns

  • Networking with people managing the same challenges as you

  • get connected through our social media


Trade shows


Being a hosted buyer is a great way to visit with suppliers from around the world. You can meet suppliers from around the world face to face in an appointment based trade show. This eliminates a lot of travel.


Our groups have the added advantage of networking, we facilitate it and ensure that we are talking about topics of interest. 

  • IBTM Latin America, Mexico City, September 5-7, 2017

  • IMEX America Las Vegas - Oct. 10-12

  • IBTM World Nov 29-Dec 1, 2017

  • IMEX Frankfurt - May 15-17 2018


Small group site visits


We organize visits from time to time, in a small group format. The venues, hotels, off-sites, etc. are tailored to your needs. An added bonus over going alone is you get to hear everyone's questions and thoughts helping you correctly access a destination.


We always have opportunities, contact us to learn more.


Consulting and destination matching


We consulting services to help you organize successful events. Our vantage point allows us to see the latest trends and pick up on ideas that others come up with.


With our team of consultants and service providers we can provide a multitude of solutions.

We have a special partnership with a VAT recovery firm. They will ensure you set up your event to get back as much VAT (countries are collecting between 17-25%) as possible and prevent unwelcome surprises years after your event when the tax auditor comes knocking.