IMEX Frankfurt 2016

Wow, that zipped by, what a fantastic series of experiences.

Breakfasts are for learning, Our group of 18 were joined by 4 others and every morning the discussion were focused on Meetings Beyond Borders, interestingly Risk Management was the favorite topic. From high risk low possibility to low risk high possibility. We covered delegates risk (health, accidents, behavior), venue risk (strikes, renovations, government requisitioning, etc.), global risk (volcanoes, earthquakes, political instability, conflict, etc.) staff (errors, sickness/accidents, burnout, etc,) financial (currency fluctuations, VAT collection and recovery - the 2 edged sword, etc.) and the list goes on.

Much of the list can be anticipated and managed, some can be insured against and others require delegate management (personal trip health insurance).

Dinners were about relaxing and enjoy some food and wine together in some beautiful venues.

As buyers zipped from one appointment to another, RFPs were left behind, apps were tried, experiences were had such as at the Meet In Ireland stand where buyers learned to play the Bodhran! They had a drink of Guinness while listening to live Irish music and watching a very talented Irish dancer!

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